Thursday, 31 January 2019

People’s VIP Choice Awards Highlights in 2017

  • Ellen picked up her 20th award. We were there to see the interplay with Timberlake the cameras missed!
  • Kristen Bell suffered an awkward teleprompter fail, proving that stars are indeed only human!
  • The Big Bang Theory won “Favorite Network TV Comedy” for the fifth year in a row.
  • Jennifer Lopez won her first major TV award as favorite crime drama actress in “Shades of Blue.”
  • Fifth Harmony delivered a phenomenal performance of “Work From Home.”
  • Gwen Stefani interacted with audience members after Blake Shelton’s “Every Time I Hear That Song.”
  • Kristen Bell took selfies with fans lined up along the 50 feet of red carpet.
  • A disheveled Johnny Depp thanked fans for being there for him during his divorce with Amber Heard

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VIP Concierge has your People’s Choice Awards tickets, gaining you access to a celebrity-studded world. Who are your favorite artists in music, movies, and television? Unlike other awards shows that rely on industry insiders to pick winners and losers, the 2018 People’s Choice Awards are voted on by the fans. There is no other awards show quite like the People’s Choice Awards: this is the ONLY award show by the people, of the people, and for the people. Some entertainers admit they’d rather win a People’s Choice Award than a Grammy or an EMMY because their fans mean so much to them.

Over 300 million fans will vote for their favorite entertainers this year. But why sit at home in your pajamas, watching the show on E!, when you can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air of Barker Hanger? Be part of the fun. Dress to kill, and come ready to party all night. We don’t “put Baby in the corner.” You’ll have great seats to all phases of the People’s Choice extravaganza. Sit in the front 12 rows, closest to your favorite stars, and be there with your camera for all the Red Carpet show-stoppers. If you’re a true hardcore music, movie, or TV fan, pick up some VIP tickets for the night of your life.

About the Peoples Choice Awards

Experience the 44th People’s Choice Awards in 2018. This American awards show recognizes pop culture favorites, with nominees put together using a combination of web research, phone surveys, national ratings, Box Office data, album sales, and internet video views. When the show began in 1975, there were just 14 categories, compared to the 65 categories of today. Fan favorites included Barbra Streisand, John Wayne, Farrah Fawcett, Star Wars, and The Sting. To date, Ellen DeGeneres takes the cake, with 20 People’s Choice awards.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Interview

Vip Choice people Iterview
                                              Since its invetion a little over 130 years ago , the interview has become a comonplace of journalism . Today , almost everbody who is literate will have read an interview at some point in their lives , while from the other point of view , several thousand celebraities have been interviewed over the years , some of them repratedly. so it is hardly surprising that opinions of the interview - of its functions , methods and merits - vary considerably. Some might make quite extravagant claims for it as bieng , in its practice , an art . Others ,usually celebrities who see themeselves as its victms , might despise the interview as an unwarranted instrunsion into their lives , or feel that it some primitive cultures it is somehow diminishes them , just as in some primitive cultures it is believed that if one takes a photographic portrait of somebody then one is stealing that person's soul. V.S.Naipaul feels that some people are wounded by interviews and lose a part of themeselves ;' Lewis Carrol , the creator of Alice in Wonderland ,was said to have had 'a just horror of the interviewer ' and he never consented to be interviewed - It was his horror of being lionized which made him thus repel would be acquaintances , interviewers , and the persistent petitioners for his autograph and he would afterwards relate the storeis of his success in silencing all such people with much satisfaction and amusement . Rudyard Kipling expressed an even more condemnatory attitude towards the interviewer . His wife , Caroline , writes in her dairy for 14 October 1892 that their day was 'wrecked by two reporters from Boston '. She reports her husband as saying to the reporters ;"Why do I refuse to be interviewed? Because it is immoral! It is s crime , just as much of a crime as much as much merits punishment . It is cowardly and vile. "Yet Kipling had himself perpetrated such an 'assault' on Mart Twain only a few years before . H.G.Wells in an interview in 1894 referred to 'the interviewing ordeal';but was a fairly frequent interviewee and forty years later found himself interviewed on several occasions , nevertheless once described interviews as being like thumbprints on his windpipe. Yet despite the drawbacks of the interview , it is a supermely serviceable medium of superemly serviceable medium of communication . "These days , more than at any other time , our most than vivid impressions of our contemporaties are interviews ," Denis Brian has wrritten ."Almost everything of moment reaches us through one asking questions of another . Because of this , the interviewer holds a positions of unprecedented power and influence."

Monday, 19 November 2018


What are the risks?
Heavy drinking damages the body; it may damage all the organs of the body, but will especially damage the liver, stomach, heart and brain. It will cause high blood pressure, gout and pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas). One serious effect is that some drinkers have blackouts of memory; others have blackouts during heavy drinking bouts only. At least 15% of all patients admitted to hospital have an alcohol-related illness and about 50% of fatal traffic accidents involve alcohol. It is a special problem for pregnant women, whose babies can be abnormal: more than 1 drink a day places the baby at risk. Alcohol also interacts badly with many prescribed medicines, especially sedatives
How can you get help?
If you experience problems related to drinking, cut down on the amount and frequency of social drinking. If you find this impossible, seek help without delay—you cannot fight it alone. When you attempt to stop, withdrawal symptoms may be a problem.
Get in touch with your family doctor or your nearest branch of Alcoholics Anonymous or Alanon. Some cities have direct telephone drug and alcohol services. The only way to solve the problem is to realise you have one, admit to it and then do something about it. Experience has shown that the key to success is to quit altogether, and for this reason the help of your family, your doctor and a caring organisation such as Alcoholics Anonymous is essential.
Golden rules to avoid hazardous drinking
• Do not drink daily.
• Aim for less than 12 standard drinks per week for men and 8 for women.
• Have at least 3 non-drinking days per week.
• Change to low-alcohol beer.
• Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
• Avoid high-risk situations (e.g. constant parties).
• Mix alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks.
What are the symptoms?
The possible symptoms or signs are as follows
loss of self-esteem
brain damage (if severe)
devious behaviour
heart disease
liver disease
relationship breakdown
dyspepsia (indigestion

Friday, 26 October 2018

India : Our Motherland

Shall India die? Then from the world all sprituality will be extinct , all moral perfection will be etinct, all sweet - souled sympathy for religion will be extinct , all ideality will be extinct , and in its place will reign the daulity of lust and luxury as the male and female dieties , with money as its priest, fraud , force and competition its ceremonies, and the human soul its sacrifice. Such a thing can never be .... Will she die? This old mother of all that is noble or moral or spritual , the land which the sages trod,the land in which Goldlike men still live and breathe? I will borrow the lantern of the Arthenian sage and follow you , my brother ,through the cities and villages , plains and forests , of his broad world - show me such men in other lands if you can .

Can you adduce any reason why India should lie in the ebb tide of the Aryan nations? Is she inferior in intellect? Is she inferior dexterity? Can you look at her art , at her mathematics , at her philosophy , and answer 'yes' ? All that is needed is that she should de-hypnotise herself and wake up from her age - long sleep to take her true rank in the hierarchy of nations ..... The national ideals of India are RENUNCIATION and SERVICE . Intensify her in those channels , and the rest will take care of itself .

Now you understand clearly where the soul of this ogress is : it is in religion . Because no one was able to destory that , therefore the Hindu nation is still living , having survived so many troubles and tribulations . Well , one Indian scholar asks ,'What is the use of keeping the soul of the nation in religion ? Why not keep it in social or political indepedence , as is the case with other nations?' It is very easy to talk like that......The fact is : that the river has come dawn a thousand miles from its source in the mountains , does it , or can it , go back its source? If it ever tries to trace back its course , it will simply dry up by being dissipated in all directions . Anyhow the river is sure to fall into the ocean , sooner , or later , either by passing through open and beautiful plains or struggling through grimy soil. If our national life of these ten thousand years has been a mistake , then there is no help for it , and if we try now to form a new charcter , the inevitable result will be shall die .

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Max Muller

You know how some of the best talent and the noblest genius of our age has been devoted to the study of the development of the outward or material world , the growth of the earth , the first appearance of the living cells , their combination and differntiation , leading up to the begining of organic life , and its steady progress from the lowest to the highest stages . Is there not an inward intellectual world also which has to be highest stages. Is there not an demonstrative roots , their combination and differenition roots ,leading up to the beginings of rational tthought in its steady progress from the lowest to the highest stages? And in that study of the history of humaan.
The persent piece has been taken from the collection of lectures India: What Can It Teach Us? Max Muller, the great admirer of Indian Culture , history and literature , delivered them at the University of Cambridge where he portrayed India , specially , the Vedic India as an greatness of India and maintains that it has solutions for many problems that confront mankind and cites various examples in support of his view.

Friedrich Max Muller ( 1823 - 1900 ) , a German born philologist and Orientalist , lived and studied in Britiain and became a professor of Modern Euorpean Languages at Oxford University . He translated , edited and commented on numerous Sanskrit texts.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


When the India Today Conclave posed the question 'India Tomaarow :Global Griant of Pymgy?' I recalled an event that occurred while meeting students in Nagaland during my recent visit there .  A Class V student asked me , ' I would like to live in a happy , prosperous , peaceful and safe India. Tell me ,what will you do Mr President? Also , tell me what I should do for that?' During my interactions with school children of 17 states and three Union territories which I have visited , a seires of similar questions was raised.

     Sometimes, I feel , a nation of billion people think like a nation of million people. Why is it so? I consider no other nation has got a civilisational heritage like India to live a near-peaceful life . Indian minds were capable of absorbing the best of indiviual fanaticism to endanger our nation . Beacause , the nation is more important compared to any individual or party or religion .

 Even the rich and developped nations , in spite of their wealth and militory strength , are afraid of virtual enemeis snd they live with the fear complex . Economic prosperity and militory strength alone do not bring peace to any nation , as we see from religious forces into spiritual forces . Evolution of spiritual forces in addition to economic prosperity and militory strength will bring happiness , peace and prosperity .

we got freedom in 1947 as a result of what I call the first vision for the nation .  This vision created the best of leaders in many aspects of life , in literacy , agriculuture products , stragiic areas , certain small and large - scale industreis . Now more than 50  years have gone by and we are called as one among the hundreds of developing countries and in a district way a separation from G-8 contries .  We have many challanges . Nearly 260 million people who are below the povertty line have to join the mainstream of good life . Hundred per cent literacy  , health for all , multiple inddustrial and agricultural productivity and a lifestyle with a value system have to emerge. Hance, we need the second vision for the nation to become developed.