Sunday, 3 March 2019

VIP Culture Thrills In India So Much That We Have More VIPs Than Any Other Country

Janta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai...Indians have more reasons to listen to this than any other people in the world.  Baade Baap Ki Aaulad... is the unsaid meaning of this lexicon which in some way or the other has made us feel that we, the normal Indians are second class citizens.
businessmen, sports personalities - the VIP culture that exists in our country has become a rogue and guess what, it’s rising like never before. In fact India has the highest number of VIPs in the world, who preferably get everything ahead of the normal Indians and that too with the money we pay as tax.
India’s lists of people with VIP status has crossed 450 and mind it, these are only those people who have VIP security apparatus to safeguard them. Since the  status of being a VIP is deeply coveted in Indian system, the actual number of so called VIPs in India is much higher
In 2015 Indian government mulled to prepare a list of VIPs, so that they get easy immigration at US airports, and initially government thought of keeping 2,000 odd names in the list which could go up to 15,000 in years to come. Nevertheless, the list is expected to swell,
Meanwhile, in other countries, this isn’t the case. Population of 1.3 billion people is one excuse that we get to hear whenever the subject of large number of VIPs arises in India, China is more populated than our country yet have lesser number of designated VIPs.And this amount is their saving as they don’t have to pay any tax on their salaries apart from all the freebees they get as allowances. A MPs doesn’t even buys a needle for himself from his own pocket and it’s the government which takes cares of the all expenses from the tax they we pay.

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