Tuesday, 23 October 2018


When the India Today Conclave posed the question 'India Tomaarow :Global Griant of Pymgy?' I recalled an event that occurred while meeting students in Nagaland during my recent visit there .  A Class V student asked me , ' I would like to live in a happy , prosperous , peaceful and safe India. Tell me ,what will you do Mr President? Also , tell me what I should do for that?' During my interactions with school children of 17 states and three Union territories which I have visited , a seires of similar questions was raised.

     Sometimes, I feel , a nation of billion people think like a nation of million people. Why is it so? I consider no other nation has got a civilisational heritage like India to live a near-peaceful life . Indian minds were capable of absorbing the best of indiviual fanaticism to endanger our nation . Beacause , the nation is more important compared to any individual or party or religion .

 Even the rich and developped nations , in spite of their wealth and militory strength , are afraid of virtual enemeis snd they live with the fear complex . Economic prosperity and militory strength alone do not bring peace to any nation , as we see from religious forces into spiritual forces . Evolution of spiritual forces in addition to economic prosperity and militory strength will bring happiness , peace and prosperity .

we got freedom in 1947 as a result of what I call the first vision for the nation .  This vision created the best of leaders in many aspects of life , in literacy , agriculuture products , stragiic areas , certain small and large - scale industreis . Now more than 50  years have gone by and we are called as one among the hundreds of developing countries and in a district way a separation from G-8 contries .  We have many challanges . Nearly 260 million people who are below the povertty line have to join the mainstream of good life . Hundred per cent literacy  , health for all , multiple inddustrial and agricultural productivity and a lifestyle with a value system have to emerge. Hance, we need the second vision for the nation to become developed. 

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