Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Max Muller

You know how some of the best talent and the noblest genius of our age has been devoted to the study of the development of the outward or material world , the growth of the earth , the first appearance of the living cells , their combination and differntiation , leading up to the begining of organic life , and its steady progress from the lowest to the highest stages . Is there not an inward intellectual world also which has to be highest stages. Is there not an demonstrative roots , their combination and differenition roots ,leading up to the beginings of rational tthought in its steady progress from the lowest to the highest stages? And in that study of the history of humaan.
The persent piece has been taken from the collection of lectures India: What Can It Teach Us? Max Muller, the great admirer of Indian Culture , history and literature , delivered them at the University of Cambridge where he portrayed India , specially , the Vedic India as an greatness of India and maintains that it has solutions for many problems that confront mankind and cites various examples in support of his view.

Friedrich Max Muller ( 1823 - 1900 ) , a German born philologist and Orientalist , lived and studied in Britiain and became a professor of Modern Euorpean Languages at Oxford University . He translated , edited and commented on numerous Sanskrit texts.

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